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April 28, 2013

Last day at the beach…

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Last day at the beach...

It’s been an amazing year for the beach that is… I’ve done sooo many beach trips and swam a lot which I’m very proud of. I’ve been in Sydney for 23 years now and this year has been the highlight of summer for the following reasons:

1. I went snorkeling at Shelly beach
2. Swam for the first time ever at 7:30pm on a Tuesday night
3. It became my fav activity to do Bikram Yoga sat/sun and then end up usually at Queenscliff and go for a swim in the ocean… trust me this is heavenly feeling… it is the most awesome experience… I did it again today and i would highly recommend it
4. I swam in the ocean in April
5. had sunburn more often than I would like to count
6. got a new bikini
7. I would def be doing this again next year
8. bought the most awesome hat which is now unwearable as I need to buy another one when I get to USA

all in all, it’s been awesome summer… thank you global warming, thank you Sydney… I can rest easy knowing that I’m going to the northern hemisphere for more summer and then I will get back to the southern hemisphere for more summer… lol… life is great


Another wonderful trip

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I realised that it’s time for me to hit the road again… well the sky road since I’ll be flying everywhere… it’s been a hard year with work and it’s time to kick back and enjoy freedom… so here’s very draft itinerary…

June: USA and Canada

July : Europe

August/September: Armenia

I really want to get around and meet up with friends and family… end up in Armenia and perhaps put the seeds for doco making… I really think this will be a good trip to think and contemplate what’s it all about… so the doco I want to make is the struggles of the refugees in their homeland… ie the Armenian refugees living in Armenia who went there from Syria… and comparing that to the immigrants who decided to move to Armenia…

I’m thinking of having lots of dinner parties and inviting everyone I know to see what it would look like… v Bohemian life style… It’s gonna b great



January 1, 2012

MOC #51

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Wow… Can’t believe I have made it this far. When I took the challenge to write blogs of Moments of Contentment I wasn’t sure if I would make it this far but I have…. so todays MOC is for hope and determination. Together they deliver powerful results.

For 2012 I hope the year will be full of peace and contentment. There will be abundance of Love, Life, Laughter and Learnings. Blessings to us all and to all humanity.

MOC #50

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The second last day of the year and time to hit the shops. I ended up in Zara purchasing the white pants that I always wanted together with jeans and 3 other items. instead of driving I caught the bus and got to listen to music and not worry about the traffic. It was great. Not a bad day to spend the second last day of the year.

MOC #49

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My friend Huw was taken to the hospital on Monday with stomach ach and he ended up having an operation and was under induced coma for couple of days. It was very worrying and emotionally unbearable couple fo days. Not only he is very young but he has got a wife and 3 very young kids too.

All friends and family from around the country prayed and sent their positive energy for Huw to get better. Today I got a phone call from his wife telling us that Huw was moved to a normal ward from intensive care and he is no longer under threat.

This is good news

December 29, 2011

MOC #48

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Had many friends over for lunch. I cooked my first Turkey which turned out very delice and juicy. I had everyone who was in Sydney and who had a child. It was lovely even though it was v tiring… such goes life.

December 27, 2011

MOC #47

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I have many spare rooms in this house but all of them have lots of rubbish in them. The last two or so days I started cleaning each room at a time and today I finished cleaning and throwing away all sorts of rubbish from the last room which I was dreading it for very long time. I feel good. Finally. Only 5 more sleeps for the new year and I will start the new year clean. Both in my house and in my body and heart.

MOC #46

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I volunteered to make a cake for my niece Araz’s birthday and it looked awesome. My mother as always made me panic and criticised the cakes I make saying they don’t taste good. She got me to put some lemon zest and some Kahlua in it. I did.

I than decorated the cake with white sugar coat on it and made pink and baby green round decorations and put them on the cake white sugar coating. Looked great and tasted even better. All the guests couldn’t believe that I made the cake and I told everyone that I would make their cakes for their next birthday… hahahahahahaha

MOC #45

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For the joy of Christ who came to this earth to be one of us and to show us how to live in his image but for most of all he showed us how to have a relationship with the Creator…

Here’s to you JC.


MOC #44

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Christmas Eve and I got to see the first fire works of many to come over the next month or so. We went to Darling harbour where Avedis had his boat parked with three other Armenians whom had their own boats there too. As part of a conversation that was happening someone said it’s better to be average rich than to be very rich… it was funny cause she lives at a water front house where they have a jetty to park their boat and has a full-time cleaner and a nanny… But for that moment I was grateful for being average.

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